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TR 06 INFERNAL "Whipping The Sacred Law" CD 2000

Total discharge of hate!. Pure Black Thrashing in the old vein, just a tribute to early 80`s bands. With this music you can feel the malignant power and the glory of the Master of Darkness... Infernal and evil melodies in contrast with the aphocripal time. Are 46 minutes of declarated war against the celestial lousegod. Including a cover of the great band POSSESSED "My Belief".

Track List:

1.   In the Horizon Shines a Light.
2.   A Sign of Destruction.
3.   Cham Dead.
4.   Unholy War god.(Real Audio Sample)
5.   In the Memory of My Soul.
6.   Deny the Lie.
7.   In the Search.
8.   To the waited Meeting.
9.   POSSESSED- My Belief.
10. Lost in the Thoughts of Labyrinths.
11. War Forever.
12. Force.