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SR 02 INQUISITION "Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult"

Arrrgggggg!!! . Hail The Cult: So it is done,our ritual is complete,we leave the infernal regions,our ancient cult is no longer hidden,we exit the ritual chamber.!!!Prepare for war!!!. Mystical violence. Black Metal atack!. New reedition from this malignant band.Really profesional horror.

Track List :

1.   Unholy Magic Attack.
2.   Those Of The Night.
3.   The Initiation.
4.   Empire Of Luciferian Race.
5.   Summoned By Ancient Wizards Under A Black Moon.
6.   Journey to Infernukeorreka. (Real Audio Sample)
7.   Into the Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult.
8.   Mighty Wargod of the Templars (Hail Baphomet).
9.   Solitary Death in the Nocturnal Woodlands.
10. Hail the Cult.